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Before booking please read our Terms of Service. By booking a lesson you are agreeing to abide by and respect our Terms of Service.

  • Absolutely no use of obscene language or disrespect to tutors will be tolerated.

  • All lessons should be paid for prior to attending.

  • All attending students are required to be prompt and adequately prepared for the session.

  • Advanced notice of cancellation or request to reschedule a class must be given at least 24 hours before the booked session, otherwise the full cost of the lesson may be incurred.

  • In the event of two (2) consecutive or frequent reschedules or cancellations with notice given at least 24 hours in advance, a fee of 75% of the tuition fee will be paid on the third reschedule or cancellation, along with the full cost of the original lesson.

  • In the event of three (3) consecutive or frequent reschedules or cancellations, the booking for the respective session will be terminated and your reserved slot will be lost.

  • If a student fails to attend their scheduled class, with no communication/ cancellation made to Abiann Lewis Online Academy, for any reason barring an emergency, they will be charged for the cost of the missed class. 

  • All payments must be made via the online booking system or via direct debit to Abiann Lewis Online Academy.

  • If payments to other tutors are made for services provided by Abiann Lewis Online Academy outside of the provided links it will be deemed as a material breach of this agreement.

  • No personal information or contact should be made between students/clients with tutors during or after their employment with Abiann Lewis Online Academy. All communication should occur within the lesson or via email to

  • All payments are to be made before the scheduled classes to secure the space. If payments are not made at least 24 hours in advance the slot may be forfeited. 

  • You must not allow any third party persons to use your log in details to access scheduled classes or other services provided by Abiann Lewis Online Academy.

  • Abiann Lewis Online Academy retains the right to suspend or terminate a client from its listing and subsequently deny access to its services.

  • All terms of service apply to all online and direct debit bookings.

Terms of Service: Accessibility Policy
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